Project IMMA

The Island Mammal Monitoring Association

The Island Mammal Monitoring Association is a citizen science project on Long Beach Island, New Jersey. The project is a partnership between property owners, volunteer observers, and The Little Egg Foundation to collect data on nocturnal mammal activity in the oceanfront dune.


Most oceanfront homeowners take great pride in their unique responsibility for watching over the oceanfront dune. They often work hard to keep it free from trespassing people and pets who can quickly do enormous damage to such a fragile habitat on which so much depends.

But few are aware of just how active their dune is after dark. All sorts of secretive mammals regularly use the dune system. Rabbits, rats, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, opossums, feral cats, and wild canines can all be found in the dune at night even though we may never see these animals during the day.

Project IMMA seeks to shine a small light on this fascinating world hidden right in our front yard by systematically collecting data on nocturnal mammal activity in the dunes. This data will help form an accurate and useful understanding of these secretive animal populations which could be invaluable for homeowners, governments, and wildlife organizations in the event of unwanted human/animal encounters or environmental issues either caused by or affecting these populations. If nothing else, it is just plain interesting.

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Are you an LBI oceanfront homeowner who loves the dune and is curious about wildlife? Join us! We are seeking homeowners who will allow a periodic survey of their beach easement and dune and/or the periodic installation of infrared cameras on their property. We welcome any level of interest. Whether you want to help track your dune everyday, or just see some fascinating video of creatures crawling around your front yard at night, we welcome your participation.

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Are you someone who loves to get outside, experience wildlife, and do something good for the world while enjoying yourself? We are looking for volunteers to help survey public areas and photograph tracks (cellphone required) and to collect traffic and occupancy data in our study regions. Don't worry if you have no experience. It is easy, fun, and we are happy to provide as little or as much training and assistance as you'd like.

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